Appointment of MAV Co-CEOs for 2022

The MAV Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Andy Miller and Zii Nzira as Co-CEOs until the end of 2022. Andy has been acting in the role since the departure of our former CEO Veronica Pardo. Andy has a proven track record of arts management and has been a steady hand over the past months in guiding the organisation while we looked for a new CEO.

Zii has been a board member for the past year and comes to us from a background in project management in government and private sector. He also runs his own music business and has been a founder of the Black Music Alliance Australia. He has a proven track record in leading and engaging with anti-racism, racial justice and cultural equity frameworks, reflecting both professional and lived experience. The appointment of Zii acts on the Board’s commitment to be a leader in the arts and multicultural sector.

The CO-CEO appointments will be until the end of the year, while the Board undertakes an assessment of the recruitment process to appoint a long-term CEO from 2023 onwards. The Board thanks Andy and Zii for their enthusiasm to share the CEO role.

Zii will officially take up the Co-CEO role on Monday 30 May 2022.

Michael van Vliet

Featured image: Balimbing 2018. Photographic exhibition by Gregory Lorenzutti.

Zii Nzira. Courtesy Zii.

Andy Miller. Photo by Deshani Berhardt.